News - SAFE-10-T General Assembly 24M Consortium Meeting - 09-10 May 2019
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SAFE-10-T General Assembly 24M Consortium Meeting - 09-10 May 2019

On 09 and 10 May, the SAFE-10-T General Assembly 24M Consortium Meeting was held at the Technical University of Berlin, Germany.


As SAFE-10-T is developing a global safety framework that will form the basis of a Decision Support Tool (DST) in order to inform decision-making in relation to the management of transport infrastructure along the European TEN-T network, the first item on the programme was the Workshop discussing the integration and preliminary application of DST to the Demo Projects.

Demo Project 1 - ‘Port of Rotterdam‘ (the Netherlands), presented by Nikola Tanasic (IMC) and Marieke van der Tuin (TUDelft)

Demo Project 2 - ‘Port of Rijeka‘ (Croatia), presented by Irina Stipanovic (INFRA PLAN)

Demo Project 3 - ‘Severn River Crossing‘ (United Kingdom), presented by Nikola Tanasic (IMC) and Reudiger Ehlers (DFKI)

This session was followed by Noel van Erp (DFKI) and Stephen Wells (Virtus) presenting on the use of Machine Learning algorithms and StreamCentral in all three Demo Projects, as the global safety framework comprises advanced methods of safety assessment for individual network assets (i.e. bridges, tunnels and earthworks), including reliability-based methods and novel Machine Learning applications.

The second day started with a presentation by SAFE-10-T Project Manager, Julie Clarke (GDG), on the project’s management. A fruitful discussion then followed on Advanced Safety Assessment of bridges, tunnels and earthworks, probabilistic models for fatigue analyses, embedded Monitoring Systems of tunnels, and Global safety framework (Big Data, Machine Learning Algorithm).

A recap on the Demo Projects, based on the outcomes of the previous day’s Workshop, preceded the end of the day’s discussion on the project’s communication and dissemination activities, the upcoming SAFE-10-T workshops with the end users, and the upcoming events and publications.

More information about the Demo Projects will be published in the upcoming SAFE-10-T Newsletter. Please subscribe the SAFE-10-T newsletter here

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